A Curse Awakened: Cecy Robson Review

acaDiscover Cecy Robson’s sensational Weird Girls series—or return to where the magic first began—with this eBook original prequel novella about four sisters coming to grips with their unique supernatural powers.

Celia Wird shouldn’t possess the ability to transform into a tigress. Her three sisters should never be able to burst into flames, heal wounds, or transform common objects into deadly weapons. And yet they do.

Before they were born, the Wird Sisters were cursed by a spell that was intended to destroy them, not endow them with extraordinary powers. The sisters’ magic is untamed and explosive at best, and time is running out for them to take command.

Vampires have targeted Celia’s sweet, tragically human ex-boyfriend Danny. The sisters rush to his aid, but in order to take down the vamps, first they must face their dark past and break a spell that’s screwing up their powers. Except this curse wasn’t meant to be broken . . . and the witch who cast it isn’t done toying with them yet.


Whenever I read Cecy Robson’s work I expect a few staples: humor that literally makes me laugh out, plot lines that have me flipping through my reading app in the bathroom during breaks at work, details that submerse me in the Wird girls world no matter where I am. But I didn’t expect all out crying. Nor did I expect it more than once.

I anticipated learning the source of the Wird girls’ curse to be emotional, as if you’ve read Robson’s previous work, you’d be aware that it has been a point of sorrow, confusion and limitation. But the misery and downright cruelty that birthed these characters left me shaken. For such a short novella, A Curse Awakened packed quite the punch.

I did still find those staples I spoke of, though–I knew the Jersey beaches like I lived there, once Robson was done setting the scene. I lol’d quite a few times and the action scenes held me riveted as usual–particularly when the girls discovered the bind of their curse and had the big showdown with some nasty vampires.

But it was the scenes that made me cry that stuck with me the most. When the girls heard the full story of their curse, when they learned how much it had truly scarred their lives, when Celia finally let her sister truly heal her, when the guardian angel who led them to the device of their binding and we learned she truly was that, even when an unlikely ally perished—the tears kept springing to my eyes. And I let them. They felt good.

If you’ve never read a Cecy Robson work, A Curse Awakened is an excellent crash course to the Weird Girls series. You’ll only want more after this small, but delicious bite.


Advance praise for A Curse Awakened

A Curse Awakened is everything that a prequel novella should be. . . . Five stars.”—The Reading Cave

Praise for the Weird Girls series

“One of my favorite books series . . . so much action, so much violence and, oh, the lust radiating off of our heroes . . . I definitely recommend this series for lovers of all things paranormal and awesome.”USA Today

“[With Robson’s] edgy, witty and modern style of storytelling, the reader will be drawn deep into this quirky paranormal world. . . . Strong pacing, constant action and distinctive, appealing characters—including a gutsy heroine—will no doubt keep you invested.”RT Book Reviews

“A healthy dose of humor, a heaping dash of the supernatural, and a pinch of mystery all laced with a heavy dollop of action . . . Robson knows how to combine all the best ingredients to keep her readers hooked and begging for another hit.”Fresh Fiction

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IMG_2300About Cecy Robson is the New Adult author of Once Perfect, Once Loved, and Once Pure and the award-winning author of the Weird Girls urban fantasy romance series. A self-proclaimed professional napper, Robson counts among her talents a jaw-dropping knowledge of useless trivia, the ability to make her hair big, and a knack for breaking into song despite her family’s vehement protests. A full-time writer, registered nurse, wife, and mother living in the Great Northwest, she enjoys spending time with her family and silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories.

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Two Weeks :: FKA twigs

FKA twigs ‘ “Two Weeks” is arresting from the moment it starts. Demonic Motown singers introduce the oily spirit of this song; its soul is obviously in torment, writhing from the onset. You know? It’s got this dark synth wiggle to it, is what I mean.

The first line has mf’er in it–definitive, but not catchy until she fairly chirps it in her characteristic super high trills. So pretty!

This song is polished, and it’s really irresistible once her voice and the orchestra of haunting little bone-ticks start undulating around and through each other. Whoo! So glad we pre-ordered LP1. This was a welcome surprise on my phone this morning. ^.^

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I spend a lot of time daydreaming. More than half of the day. It isn’t something I do on purpose. It just happens. It’s like a cable box set on shuffle. Everything I look at, everything I hear, say, do…has a million stories lurking just under the skin. And I can see them moving there beneath the surface like an alien. You know, from Alien.

It drives me crazy. It makes me happy. It makes me distracted, unfocused, clumsy, forgetful. It makes me a writer. It makes me me. This sight.

The ten #sffsat

So, Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: a mouthful, a blog hop, a hive mind of the most geek-tastic brains out there. Some guidelines, a little welcome:

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. On the surface, it’s a web ring of authors who post snippets of their work for comment. In reality, it’s a close-knit group of friends and colleagues working together to support and encourage one another and promote the science fiction and fantasy genres.

- JC Cassels, 2012


  1. Absolutely no erotica or explicit content. This ring is for all ages to read. This is the founding reason for this ring, and any diversions will be removed from the final list on Saturday.
  2. Length of snippets:
    • Prose: 4 – 10 sentences.
    • Poetry: 4 – 10 lines.
  3. Any and all comments on the authors’ work are welcome, but please take care to keep them constructive.

I’ve been sharing snippets from a wip called Human: a tale about a detective who meets an android named Adelyn X. And can’t get her out of his head, which leads to trouble, of course. 

I have also started sharing Young Gods, a YA wip about its namesake.


Today I’m sharing more of Human. Last time Adelyn finally began to explain why she’s so special and why she has decided to confide in Jack. Here’s what happened last time.


“Other what?”

“The Ten. Androids. People like me. Research ventures. We are the first test. Experiment. Whatever.” Her language was becoming more imprecise as she became more upset.

“OK, calm down for a second. Take a deep breath,” he instructed. “You need one.” She took one automatically, bright eyes too big in her small face. “You are one of ten research…experiments that focus on combining humans and androids?”


I think I’ve revealed enough. :) If I manage to make it back, we’ll pick up somewhere different!

Until next time, check out some more snippets.


I don’t need y’all anyway

My#wcw will be Iggy Azaela if I can remember to post it. She’s just so refreshing and transparent. Actually, to think of it, today is Tuesday, but I thought it was Monday. Oh, well. It also helps that many songs on New Classic relate to the protagonist in my current wip! <3  Enjoy. :)

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