Men Who Have Cracked the Woman Code: The Few

He’s one of The Few.

I quite honestly believe there’s a secret society of smart-ass, wry men who get together and laugh at other men as they have “cracked the code.” And while The Few enjoy life with women as friends, worshipped at every turn by those of who see they are in this secret society, The Other Men make it a living to hate these men because they don’t understand why women like them so much.

The secret is that The Few get that we’re human.

Some of us are great. Some of us aren’t. Some of us are brilliant. Others not so much.

Some of us are b!tches. Some of us are sluts. (Neither of those last things are bad things, btw.)

We come in all shapes and sizes and heights. And every size can be fuxking gorgeous.

We like to drink and smoke and sit at home and watch Netflix. We enjoy when people open the door for us and we return the favor. We don’t like to be yelled at out of car windows but when a guy says, “You’re beautiful,” we say, “☺️. Thanks, man.”

It’s a complicated thing, I know. And I want to thank The Few for hanging in there.




I’m a wild child.

In prep for tonight, I bought sparkling white grape juice AND sparkling red grape juice. I graded papers. Finished all of the laundry in the house (washing, drying AND putting up). I donated nine bags to Goodwill and swept/mopped the kitchen.

And after I tie up some loose ends with a writing engagement that I have been most remiss, I will get right on back to the line-editing of this monster ms that I hope will have a good year in 2015. Fingers crossed!

Happy New Year. <3

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Is it ever too late for Christmas cheer? ;)

revision spirals

Is it obvious that I finally did finish that ms I was working on through for NaNo? Hahaha…